2022.9.11.SUN-16.FRI Sapporo Convention Center, Sapporo, Japan

Onsite participants

Name card and Internet

We request you to wear your name card at all times at the conference site. All the information necessary for the lunch, exhibition, and banquet will be tagged from the name card. Free Wi-Fi is available in the building. If you wish to use it, please contact the Registration Desk.

Oral and poster presentations

Oral and poster presentations will be conducted in the conventional format. In the discussion of the oral presentations, you must go to the microphone and wait for the chairperson’s call. Please do not ask questions from your seat without using the microphone. If you access the ZOOM link in the lecture room, please mute the PC microphone and turn off your speaker or use your earphones.

In the onsite poster session, you are required to wear a mask and maintain a 1.5m distance from the speaker and other participants. Please refrain from drinking or eating at the poster session.

We request you to join the online poster session from the hotel room.

Welcome Reception and Banquet

At the Welcome Reception (Sun., Sep 11 16:30–19:00), you will be served drinks and snacks. All are requested to sit at the table and maintain silence while eating or drinking.
We will escort you to the banquet (Thu., Sep 15 18:30–20:30) at the Sapporo Park Hotel by bus from the Sapporo Convention Center. The banquet will be held in a sit-down style.
We ask you to refrain from walking around during the banquet, and to wear a mask when talking to others.

Online participants

Real-time oral session and its on-demand delivery

You can access the conference ZOOM link from the Confit system linked from the IVC-22 website (login needed). Any unofficial recording is strictly forbidden. You can join the discussion online. Please use the “raise hand” feature in ZOOM and wait for the chairperson’s call. The on-demand delivery of oral talks will be available using the Confit system.

Online poster session

You can access the online poster session on “Gather Town” from the Confit system (log-in needed).

Onsite poster session

We do not provide any remote access service for the onsite poster session.