2022.9.11.SUN-16.FRI Sapporo Convention Center, Sapporo, Japan

IVC-22: Greetings & Outline


Prof. Hidemi Shigekawa

Prof. Hidemi Shigekawa
Program Committee Chair
22nd International Vacuum Congress
President of JVSS

Prof. Katsuyuki Fukutani

Prof. Katsuyuki Fukutani
Organizing committee Chair
22nd International Vacuum Congress
Vice President of JVSS

The International Vacuum Congress (IVC) is an international conference, which has been held every three years since 1958 under the commission of International Union for Vacuum Science, Techniques and Applications (IUVSTA). The 22nd IVC (IVC-22), the 18th International Conference on Solid Surfaces (ICSS-18), the International Conference on Nanoscience+Technology (ICN+T 2022), and the 11th Vacuum and Surface Sciences Conference of Asia and Australia (VASSCAA-11) will be held in Sapporo, Japan from September 11 to 16, 2022, co-hosted by Japan Society of Vacuum & Surface Science (JVSS) and Science Council of Japan with support of Japan Vacuum Industry Association (JVIA). The conferences also incorporate the International Symposium on Sputtering Plasma Processes (ISSP), the International Colloquium on Scanning Probe Microscopy (ICSPM) and the Annual Meeting of JVSS.

This combined event will offer an excellent opportunity to comprehensively overview the latest scientific and engineering discoveries in the following areas. Special focused topics will be developed shortly. The event will also promote the participants to closely interact with each other in different communities as well as in your own expertise, and to start new projects and collaborations.

In conjunction with the outstanding scientific program, an extensive technical exhibition will offer an opportunity to contact excellent industrial companies providing new products and services. In addition to these programs, short courses by leading scientists will be held before or after the conferences or in parallel during the conferences.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join these fascinating meetings in 2022. Information on the Plenary speakers and keynote speakers will be available shortly.

History of IVC

  • 1st: Namur (1958)
  • 2nd: Boston (1961)
  • 3rd: Stuttgart (1965)
  • 4th: Manchester (1968)
  • 5th: Boston (1971)
  • 6th: Kyoto (1974)
  • 7th: Vienna (1977)
  • 8th:Cannes (1980)
  • 9th: Madrid (1983)
  • 10th: Baltimore (1986)
  • 11th: Cologne (1989)
  • 12th: The Hague (1992)
  • 13th: Yokohama (1995)
  • 14th: Birmingham (1998)
  • 15th: San Francisco (2001)
  • 16th: Venice (2004)
  • 17th: Stockholm (2007)
  • 18th: Beijing (2010)
  • 19th: Paris (2013)
  • 20th: Busan (2016)
  • 21st: Malmö (2019)



On-site exhibition is planned. Join us for the great event!

Short Courses

Several short courses are planned by leading researchers of the field.

Conference Papers

The conference papers will be published in the open-access journal, e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology from the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science (eJSSNT, ISSN: 1348-0391, https://jvss.jp/ejssnt/index-ejssnt.html). The authors who submit a manuscript for Conference Papers can select the type of the paper among “Review Paper”, “Regular Paper”, “Technical Note”, and “Proceeding Paper”. The papers of the first three types are regarded as original papers, whereas Proceeding Paper is equivalent to the conventional proceeding paper. All the papers will be published as an issue of the eJSSNT. See Paper Category for more details.